The Ultimate Guide to Jewellery for Men

Jewellery for Men is still a newcomer in the modern world of fashion. For centuries, jewellery was always considered to be feminine, since women were usually the ones sporting earrings and necklaces. As a result, men would avoid jewellery out of fear of being stripped of their masculinity.

Corporate Jewellery

Corporate Jewellery

Crafting Exceptional Corporate JewelleryCorporate Jewellery Elevate Your Brand with Distinctive Corporate Jewellery Corporate jewellery serves as a sophisticated emblem of recognition and appreciation, often bestowed upon employees or esteemed business partners. The allure of non-logo corporate jewellery is escalating, attributed to its subtle elegance, making recipients more inclined to adorn them. At Roman Tavast, we [...]
Corporate Jewellery

Bespoke Tie Clips

Design and Production of Tie clips, Tie Bars, and Tie Pins.Bespoke Tie Clips and Tie Pins Elevate your corporate image with our bespoke tie clip creations, meticulously crafted to embody your organisation’s uniqueness and prestige. Roman Tavast Ltd specialises in designing custom-made tie clips and tie pins that are not just accessories but a representation [...]
Tie Clips