High-quality tie clips for ASL group

ASL group wanted bespoke high-quality tie clips for their management staff. However, the special requirement was, that instead of a usual tie clip, it would be a slide. The slides were handmade using sterling silver, enamelled with black jewellery enamel, and finally gold plated.

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How to create meaningful corporate jewellery?

Many companies use promotional items for gifts to potential clients or business partners. It can be something really small and cheap, a logo pen for instance, or something more substantial such as a quality umbrella with a logo. These gifts, in essence, are just basic marketing tools to enhance brand awareness.

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Bespoke Tie Clips

Design and production of Bespoke Tie ClipsBespoke Tie Clips Bespoke Tie Clips, tie bars or tie pins are a suitable gift to someone important to you. A Bespoke Tie Clip may use a logo or tell a story about the company and its area of expertise, either way, it will be unique to your organisation. [...]