Examine Lapel Pins: Your Complete Guide

In the often-changing fields of personal expression and fashion, lapel pins have established a market that cuts over generational divides and fads in style. Whether you’re an expert on lapel pins or you’ve just got your first, you probably have a tonne of questions regarding this useful item. All of your questions, from the proper […]

Case Studies, Lapel Pins

Lapel Pin for Combined Services Orthopaedic Society

Imperial College`s Combined Services Orthopaedic Society was interested in producing high-quality enamel pins for their members. After consults with our design team, another approach was taken, and we designed and made a 3D pin loosely based on their logo. The lapel pin was cast out of sterling silver with a polished finish.

Case Studies, Lapel Pins

Promotional Lapel Pins and Badges

Design and Production of Affordable Metal Pin BadgesPromotional Lapel Pins and Badges Promote with Precision with Our Distinguished Metal Pin Badges If you're seeking promotional metal pin badges that are economical yet maintain a high standard of quality, we present a range of options meticulously crafted to align with your event or promotional needs. Our [...]

Lapel Pin Badges

Lapel Pin Badges Are What We Have Designed and Manufactured Since 1923.Lapel Pin Badges From Vision to Lapel Pins: Crafting Your Story of Excellence Roman Tavast Ltd offers premium lapel pins where quality and craftsmanship are unmatched. Custom lapel pin badges made of superior metals and high-quality jewellery enamel are ideal for celebrating accomplishments, remembering [...]

Custom Made Lapel Pins

Design and Production of Lapel Pin Badges.High-Quality Custom Lapel Pins If you are looking for lapel pins or pin badges that are for honorary purposes, then our high-quality lapel pins are just for you. So be it years of service pins, custom badges for the board or executives, lapel pin badges for excellence or honorary badges for [...]