Fashion in corporate gifts

For any business in the service industry, it is extremely important to stay at the top of not only your business partners’ but also your clients’ minds. With the corporate gift-giving tradition, this has now been made a lot easier.

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5 ways to strengthen your company culture

“Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage” – Greg Harris In this world of ever-changing workplaces, it is only reasonable to nurture talent and take care of the people that make a workplace what it is – productive.

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Why gift corporate jewellery?

Large businesses that can afford to invest in giving small pieces of corporate jewellery as gifts are now turning to this method for providing motivation as well as generating leads. There are a number of reasons that custom made corporate jewellery should be preferred over other gifts.

Business Gifts, Corporate Jewellery

Value of corporate jewellery as business gifts

When one thinks of exclusivity in gifts, the thought of jewellery instantly crosses the mind. There could be no better way to create an incentive, congratulate someone, or show someone how special their relationship with you is than to gift them a piece of jewellery.

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Bespoke Cufflinks UK

Design and production of Bespoke CufflinksBespoke Cufflinks Bespoke Cufflinks are a worthy gift to someone important to you, Bespoke Cufflinks are designed exclusively for your organisation. Using a logo on the Bespoke Cufflinks is optional, more and more corporations forgo the logo, instead the Bespoke Cufflinks are designed to tell a story of the company or to show the companies area of expertise. The highest quality [...]

Custom Made Cufflinks

Design and production of promotional lapel pins.Promotional Lapel Pins If you are looking for Lapel Pins or Badges that are promotional in nature, then we can offer you different options suitable for the task or the event with the quality still being reassuringly high. These methods of manufacturing Promotional Lapel Pins and Badges reduce the cost significantly, enabling you to acquire a large number of Promotional Lapel [...]

Custom Made Cufflinks UK

Design and production of bespoke cufflinks.Custom Made Cufflinks Custom-made cufflinks are a worthy gift to someone important to you, bespoke cufflinks are designed exclusively for your organisation. Using a logo on the cufflinks is optional, more and more corporations forgo the logo, instead, the custom cufflinks are designed to tell a story of the company [...]
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