Payment Options for Our Customers

At Roman Tavast Ltd, we endeavour to offer a seamless and secure payment experience, accommodating a wide range of preferences and requirements. Below are the payment methods available for settling your invoices:

Bank Transfer to Our Local NatWest Account

For customers who prefer the convenience of traditional banking, payments can be made via bank transfer directly into our local NatWest account. This method is ideal for those managing payments through their banking application or online banking service.

For International Clients (Upon Request)

Euro Payments: We accept payments in Euros from international clients upon request. Utilising our dedicated Euro IBAN account ensures efficient processing of payments without currency conversion discrepancies.

US Dollar Payments: Additionally, we accept payments in US dollars upon request, facilitating easier payment processing for transactions originating from the United States.

Please reach out to our customer service to request payment in Euros or USA dollars and for detailed instructions and the necessary banking details.

Card Payments through Stripe Payments

Quick and secure card payments can be processed through Stripe Payments. This leading online payment processor ensures the safety of your transaction. It is integrated with our accounting software, allowing for the direct payment of invoices with your credit or debit card.

Steps to Pay with Stripe:

  • Invoice Receipt: You will receive an invoice containing a payment link.
  • Payment Link: Click on the link to be directed to our secure Stripe payment portal.
  • Card Details: Enter your card information and confirm your payment.
  • Confirmation: An email confirmation of your payment will be sent to you.

Stripe supports various cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Credit Card Payments Over the Phone

Additionally, we accept credit card payments over the phone, offering a personalised touch for those preferring not to use online payment methods. Our team will securely handle your payment details directly.

To Make a Phone Payment:

  • Call: Contact our payment processing team using the provided telephone number.
  • Payment Details: Your credit card information will be securely processed over the phone.
  • Confirmation: Receive immediate verbal confirmation of your payment, followed by an email receipt.

No Cheque Payments

Please Note:

  • No Cheque Payments: To ensure efficient and secure transactions, we do not accept payments by cheque. This policy allows us to offer better service and faster processing for all customers.

Please select the payment method that best suits your needs. Should you have any questions or require further assistance with your payment, our customer service team is here to support you. Thank you for choosing Roman Tavast Ltd.