How are lapel pins used to achieve desired results?

Lapel pins are small, simple yet eye-catching accessories designed to be worn on the lapel of a jacket. More often than not, these pins show an association with a special cause or belong to an organization with a logo or monogram on them.

Enameled lapel pin

People often keep these lapel pins to remember an organization they once worked for. Some people are also fond of collecting lapel pins just because they are meaningful and symbolic. A few of these pins also represent some achievements and are therefore quite dear to the person who wears them.Moreover, there are pins showing famous political personalities so that people who follow these figures could wear them. Some lapel pins are particularly designed for a sports event, such as the Olympics so that the participants and those who attend the event could keep the pins as reminders of that time.

lapel pin of a horse show

Lapel pins have recently gained popularity as promotional ornaments as they are easy to wear and look quite good. Moreover, the quality and originality of a particular lapel pin are now being judged by looking at the artist proof or a back stamp. Some high quality and expensive lapel pins are composed of precious metals and an exclusive manufacturing process that makes them highly distinct and long-lasting.

lapel pins with a logo

Some people order custom designed enamel pins to give away as thoughtful and memorable gifts on special occasions. The idea is not to give something ornamental to wear, but to give something that is truly special, very professionally made and displays an important figure, flag or personality.

Lapel pins designed like a flag are quite popular the world over. People who have visited a certain number of countries like to brag about their adventures and there is no better way to achieve this than to wear a flag lapel pin of a particular country. Some people also like to collect these pins to remember how many countries they have visited.

Some of the types of manufacturing methods used for making promotional lapel pins include;

  • Vitreous enamel or hard enamel
  • Imitation hard enamel
  • Cold enamel
  • Offset printed
  • Photo-etched
  • Plain metal
  • Modelled

In addition to promotional lapel pins, custom-made or bespoke lapel pins are also gaining in popularity all over the world. These bespoke pins are specially designed to support a cause, promote a business, or grow an organization’s membership. They feature a unique logo, photograph or emblem of the organization or club they represent and are given to the members or employees as promotional items.

What kind of a lapel pin is the most effective?

Lapel pins are designed using a number of methods, materials, shapes and artwork. However, just like a custom-designed logo, a lapel pin may or may not be effective depending on how the onlookers consider it. There is a huge variety of lapel pins available out there but if you want your pin to be effective and impressive in order to accomplish what you have in mind, you will have to order a highly professional looking pin.

lapel pins

When designing a special lapel pin, you have to keep in mind the purpose for which you need the pin. Lapel pins come in many different shapes and designers use various creative ways to make extremely eye-catching pins in unusual shapes and sizes. However, without a clear objective, it wouldn’t be possible to design an effective lapel pin.

Here are some common objectives for which people order lapel pins:

  • Promotion of a product or service
  • Giving tribute to those who serve
  • Growing membership of a club or organization
  • Spreading awareness about a public issue
  • Pointing to a milestone or achievement in a company’s history
  • As souvenirs to those who attended an event or had been a part of a special cause
  • As tokens of gratitude to volunteers or those who give donations to charity

There can be many other reasons as well for having custom-designed lapel pins to distribute to the general public, employees of a company, players of a team, or college students. To identify this purpose is the most important step before ordering a special bespoke pin to achieve your goal. In some organizations, it is compulsory for all employees to wear lapel pins because these items are used for promotion or some other purpose that is significant to the company. If the pin has the company’s logo on it, it is a great way to carry out brand marketing. People remember the signs and emblems they see on ornaments other people are wearing and more often than not, they ask them what the significance of those signs is.

ISAF Lapel Pins

Remember that a badly designed lapel pin is going to do more harm than good. Before you decide to use lapel pins at meetings, seminars, fundraising events, tournaments and other sports events, movie premiers, inauguration ceremonies or award functions, first identify your purpose and then have a custom lapel pin designed for you. Keep in mind that a lapel pin connects directly with the heart of the person who is given one or who wears it on a special occasion. Because of this reason, it has to reflect their mindset, circumstances, culture, and religion.

At the same time, a lapel pin should not contain obscenity or comments that serve to degrade someone. Moreover, there shouldn’t be gender or racial discrimination and anything else that might be offensive to someone. Keep these points in mind while ordering a special or custom lapel pin in order to make it effective and useful. If you are not sure of your requirements, you can always browse through the gallery consisting of thousands of creative, meaningful and interesting lapel pins available out there to get ideas.

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