Symbol of Excellence: The Journey of Crafting the Queen’s Award Lapel Pins by Roman Tavast

In the realm of distinguished craftsmanship and intricate design, Roman Tavast Ltd. had the privilege to craft lapel pins for the esteemed Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. 

The Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade

This award is a symbol of outstanding achievement in the business sector, recognising companies that have excelled in international trade.

The recipient of this prestigious award was Andusia Recovered Fuels Limited, who desired to commemorate this honour by gifting their staff with uniquely crafted lapel pins. These pins were not just mere accessories; they were tokens of appreciation, symbols of the hard work and dedication that led to achieving such a distinguished award.

Designing the Lapel Pins

The original plan was to make simple silver lapel pins. But, drawing on Roman Tavast’s long-standing expertise in crafting lapel pins, our design team suggested adding jewellery enamel and a gold coating to elevate their look. This idea was embraced, and a few pins were even made in 9-karat gold, showcasing our dedication to quality and refined elegance.

The Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade

The client was overjoyed with the exquisite outcome, contemplating the distinguished honour of potentially presenting one of the gold lapel pins to Her Majesty herself upon the collection of the award.

Crafting Excellence

Every stroke and every detail was meticulously crafted, ensuring that each pin resonated with the essence of excellence and achievement that the Queen’s Award represents. The pins became more than just pieces of jewellery; they became storytellers, narrating the journey of perseverance and success of Andusia Recovered Fuels Limited and its employees.

The Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade

A Symbol of Pride and Achievement

Imagine the pride swelling in the hearts of the employees as they pinned the symbol of their collective achievement to their lapels. It was a reminder of their contribution to the company’s success, a token of appreciation that fueled their passion and dedication even more. The gleam of the meticulously crafted pin reflected the gleam in their eyes, the pride of being part of a company recognised for its excellence in international trade.


This story is not just about crafting a lapel pin; it’s about creating a symbol of pride and achievement for the employees of a company that has reached the pinnacle of success in international trade. It’s about the unparalleled craftsmanship of Roman Tavast, creating pieces that are not just accessories but narrators of success stories, whispering tales of dedication and achievement to the world.

Discover the elegance and meticulous craftsmanship that Roman Tavast brings to every creation. Whether you seek to commemorate an achievement or desire a symbol of your journey, explore our collection and let us craft a piece that resonates with your story and stands as a testament to your pursuits. Elevate your moments with a piece forged in excellence.

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