Lapel Pins for World famous Tate Modern Gallery

World famous Tate Modern Gallery decided that they would want to award their International Council members with some special pin badges at their annual gala.

One of their artists drew up quite a few designs for a lapel pin badges, from where we chose one to continue to make a design that can be technically done.

Pin Badges for Tate Modern Gallerie
Pin Badges for World famous Tate Modern Gallery

The brief was:

The serpent eating its own tail is a Renaissance symbol of eternity. The T obviously stands for the Tate gallery. The snake on a T structure is derived from the iconography of Moses and the Brazen Serpent (Old Testament) which has two main allegorical readings. One as symbol protection and coming together. Second as a symbol of worship of false idols.

Tate Moderns lapel pin designingDesigning a lapel pin for Tate Modern Gallery

The visual allusions to the Masonic and Catholic sects are deliberate and hopefully entertaining, if slightly provocative. Though the aim is to generate conversation and a feeling of ‘belonging’.

It was quite a unique project for us too. Because usually jewellery enamel is polished, but in this case, because the serpent had to have a 3D effect the enamel was left unpolished. Although the initial design initiated that the metal part (sterling silver) will be shiny, we decided, in the end, to give it an antique look by oxidising the silver.

Tate Moderns lapel pin 3D designingDesigning a lapel pin for Tate Modern Gallery

Client feedback:

People at Tate thought that the outcome was fantastic and the lapel pins had a very high quality feel to them.

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