Lapel Pins for Royal Foundation – United for Wildlife

Royal Foundation wanted to give their members of the United for Wildlife charity organisation some nice high-quality lapel pins.

Lapel-pin Royal Foundation United for WildlifeLapel Pin for Royal Foundation – United for Wildlife

They have an exciting logo that cleverly shows the image of a lion, a rhino, an elephant and a whale. So for the pin design, we used their logo.

The pin was made of sterling silver, it was oxidised and then polished.

United for Wildlife is an unprecedented collaboration between seven of the largest field-based international conservation organisations and The Royal Foundation. Under The Duke of Cambridge’s presidency, United for Wildlife has established five core commitments, which are linked together by a digital campaign to share progress and highlight innovation to engage a younger target audience.

Client feedback:

“The pins are the logo of “United for Wildlife”, led by The Duke of Cambridge, it’s a collaboration between conservation organisations with a long-term commitment to tackle the global challenges to the world’s natural resources so they can be safeguarded for future generations. We really liked the pins. The pins have been given out to all our members of United for Wildlife.”

Rob Campbell
Programme Manager, United for Wildlife

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