Years of Service Lapel Pins for Regent Motor Group

Regent Motor Group from Perth, Australia wanted to create years of service lapel pins award system for their long-serving employees.

RMG lapelpinsRegent Motor Group lapel pins

They did not really have a design ready, but they did know that they want four different levels (bronze, silver, gold and white gold) representing 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service. And most importantly, the lapel pins had to be of highest quality.

Design and Production of the Years of Service Lapel Pins

We helped a little with the design side. The outcome was neat round pins that the client was really happy with.

RMG lapelpin renderDesigning a lapel pin for Regent Motor Group

RMG Years of Service Lapel Pins 3DDesigning a lapel pin for Regent Motor Group

Client Feedback

„The pins are gorgeous, very high quality and we are extremely happy, thank you.”

Amanda Goerke
Corporate Manager
Regent Motors

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