Lapel pins for expanding club membership

There are many kinds of recreational clubs and student organizations active in society to allow people to socialize, share their expertise and skills, have fun, volunteer for social work, and pursue educational activities in a controlled environment.

Lapel Pin Some common clubs operating in society to bring people on a single platform include sports clubs, car clubs, movie and music clubs, book clubs, art clubs, and so on.

A club exists to bring people with the same interests or hobbies, to gather at a common platform and discuss ideas and give their opinions and suggestions regarding a particular product or service that they use. Since these people have a lot in common, they mingle easily and without any effort. However, if there are not many people who have joined the club, others may think twice before getting registered. A huge community of people and a large pool of services offered are some of the parameters that gauge the success of a club.

Managers and marketing personnel use a number of different techniques to attract people to join their club. Most people go for membership of a club when they hear its praise from relatives and friends. Advertising is a good option for promoting a club but conventional methods like television and internet ads are often considered useless because people nowadays are not impressed by such endeavours. There is a need to have something unique and extraordinary that would attract people and prove to be quite effective in the context of marketing and promotion.

Specially Designed Lapel Pins to Attract New Members

There is an unconventional method of advertisement, however, which may not even fall under the category of true marketing and is therefore quite effective. This method is to distribute specially designed lapel pins to members in order to attract new clients and expand membership. These lapel pins can be designed in various creative ways and using many different manufacturing methods, materials and ornaments.

Gold Lapel Pins

Some people feel proud to be associated with a group or club owing to its popularity and esteem in society. And because of this, they are more than willing to wear their club’s lapel pin to boast of their club membership. Moreover, for some people recognition of services offered by the club is important. For this purpose, the best way is to wear a generalized lapel pin to tell others about the usefulness of a particular group, NGO, or club. Lapel pins are designed after careful consideration and research and therefore they reflect a company’s creativity, thoughtfulness and the feelings it holds for its employees, members and shareholders.

Cold Enamel Lapel Pin

A club is only successful if it offers a unique service and has a large number of clientele to boast. Nowadays club owners and managers make use of lapel pins to grow and expand their membership thereby increasing sales and making their club more popular than other similar organizations in town. Every club has its own unique features and services and therefore the managers need to order unique enamel pins customized according to their requirements so that they could be effective.

How to Use Lapel Pins for Clubs

Custom lapel pins provide a means for growing the membership of clubs as well as accomplish many other missions, announce an important event and promote a new service. If you have an idea in your mind of how you would be using your lapel pins, you can give specifications to the designer and they would come up with creative and extremely useful and unique ideas for your special lapel pins. You can then use these pins to achieve your goals.

High Quality Silver Lapel Pin

Here are some of the ways for which clubs can benefit from custom designed lapel pins:

  • Rewarding old members for their constant and lifelong participation in club activities
  • Thanking members for getting registered with the club and using a service
  • Holding contests among members and then presenting lapel pins to the winners
  • Giving out lapel pins for fundraising programs
  • Offering the pins to members for a small cost that will go to a charitable organization
  • Handing out pins to members as promotional keepsakes to attract and approach new members
  • Designing special pins for a grand event, such as the award-giving ceremony or a sports competition

Custom or bespoke lapel pins can be ordered in any shape, form, colour, size and style. You can also have a look at the pins already designed for various occasions, milestones, organizations and events to get inspired. Once you are sure of all your requirements, you should place an order for designing a custom lapel pin for your club. Choose among various manufacturing methods from soft enamel and offset printing to cloisonne and die struck that looks suitable for your project.

Printed Lapel Pin

If you have a logo or emblem that you would like to be on the lapel pin, send it over to the designer for consideration. The designer will then add extra gigs to make the pin more attractive and eye-catching including techniques like vitreous enamel, guilloché patterns, and cutouts.


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