How to Measure the Effectiveness of Business Gifts

Why do we give business gifts to our clients? Corporate gift giving is the ultimate form of targeted marketing. You target the right person in the right position to enhance critical relationships. A corporate gift can be part of a marketing campaign or simply as a way of saying thank you. Acknowledging your long-standing customers, good suppliers, key personnel in companies you deal with and even your loyal staff by giving them a gift they can use, and treasure helps to build up a personal connection and affirms relationships.

Why should we not give ‘cheap’ business gifts?

Cheap gifts such as office stationery are not valued and tend to be discarded by clients and staff fairly quickly, along with your promotional material. Cheap gifts also give the receiver the impression they are not valued and just part of the pack. A logo pen or logo mug is used, passed around, stolen and lost along your advertising campaign. The point of a corporate gift is to keep you in your client’s mind, in a good way. With this objective in mind, a personal gift is a much better option.

How do we know if the gift is appropriate?

A corporate gift should never be construed as a bribe. Gifting should be carefully considered. Offering a personalised gift to some clients may be unwelcome. You need to judge your relationship with your client and present gifts at appropriate times. Everyone loves a birthday present!

Set of Tie Clip, Cufflinks and BraceletSet of Tie Clip, Cufflinks and Bracelet

Why should you customise your business gifts?

Corporate gift giving is intended to create a good feeling with your client, and as a business, you would also prefer the client or staff member to remember you and your company favourably. Customising items ensure free advertising for your business every time the person makes use of the gift.

Why would you give a wearable gift?

Tie pins, cufflinks and lapel pins are useful items that a busy business person may not always have time to purchase for themselves. Wearing the items keeps you in the forefront of the client’s mind as well as being a talking point with others who notice the bespoke items.

When looking at bespoke items that can be worn include tie pins, lapel badges, cufflinks or even a brooch and other statement jewellery. These make excellent gifts for long term clients or even new clients that you have developed a good relationship with. A high-quality lapel pin is something that can be worn by almost anyone and is in fashion as a professional wear accessory.

Some of the top names in business and even on the big screen have been seen wearing bespoke lapel pins. A generic gift would not create nearly as big of an impression with your executive clients as would a quality set of cufflinks or a branded tie clip. You could even offer a matching set of cufflinks, tie pins and lapel badges to your key account decision makers or as a thank you gift to a particularly industrious staff member.

There are many corporate gifts available on the market today, but the most effective tend to be the gifts that keep on giving. Your customer can appreciate a gift that shows you have them in mind when you have bespoke lapel pins and custom made tie clips made to distribute as-as corporate gifts for events and special occasions.  Instead of distributing general, low-quality promotional items to your clients, look at offering a wearable item that they can treasure low after the time has passed.

Pendant AleCoqPendants

Choose bespoke gifts to show are grateful for the relationships between you and your clients as well as your suppliers, staff and other key people in your business. Make your gifts unique and enjoy the appreciation from the people who receive them.

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