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Lapel Pin Badges

From Vision to Lapel Pins: Crafting Your Story of Excellence

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Roman Tavast Ltd offers premium lapel pins where quality and craftsmanship are unmatched. Custom lapel pin badges made of superior metals and high-quality jewellery enamel are ideal for celebrating accomplishments, remembering service, or telling the story of your company. Our skilled design staff is committed to realising your creative ideas and making sure your lapel pins are truly remarkable. Discover the highest quality personalised lapel pins made to stand out.

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Choosing a Lapel Pin Badge

How will your Lapel Pin badge be used?

Finding out who will be wearing your lapel pin badges and why is a crucial first step.

  • Brand Representation: Company logos or emblems on custom lapel pin badges can be a sophisticated yet understated branding strategy. They can be presented to staff members as distinguished presents to acknowledge their dedication, foster camaraderie, and strengthen the identity of the company.
  • Formal Events: We use premium materials and very skilled craftsmanship to create our lapel pin badges. A lapel pin badge can therefore be a fantastic finishing touch of elegance and refinement to any formal attire. Whether it is a professional or personal formal event, feel good and look the part.
  • Employee Recognition: Give your staff a personalised lapel pin badge bearing your company’s emblem as a thank-you for their hard work. With the right gift, your staff can feel valued and accomplished, which will inspire them to continue working hard.
  • Corporate Gifts:  Our lapel pin badges make great business gifts for clients, stakeholders, or business partners. Gratitude expressed with our stylish lapel pins can assist to build and preserve solid relationships and boost loyalty.
  • Make a Great First Impression: Giving a gift like a premium lapel pin to new or current contacts can help you stand out from the crowd and be more remembered during networking events.
  • Uniformity: At events or in client meetings, bring your team together with matching lapel pin badges that showcase your logo. This shows that you are concerned with the little things in your corporate culture in addition to making your team appear more professional.

With what budget are you working?

Early budgeting for your lapel pin badges is crucial since the amount you require and your overall budget will affect the price of each pin, which can vary from less than £1 to over £30. Your lapel pin badge material and any extra fine craftsmanship required will depend on your budget per pin. Most of the time, a lapel pin will cost more the more customised it is.

Once you have established a budget, we can apply our experience and understanding to provide you with the best suggestions.

Designing your Lapel Pin Badge

When it comes to making a lapel pin badge, our designers will gladly be involved right from the beginning. Our staff is dedicated to producing a design that satisfies all your requirements and makes you feel totally happy with the outcome.

design and production of lapel pins

One choice you have when creating your lapel pins is to utilise a portion, or all, of your company’s logo or another noteworthy feature. When you give your staff, partners, or clients your custom lapel pins, they will respect the extra emotional meaning and distinctive design that you helped to create.

A lapel pin requires extensive technical design work. Sometimes it is difficult to add some design features, including as details, very fine text, or graphic elements to the pin, even with our best efforts. This is because a design cannot be as intricate as one on paper when it is transferred onto metal. In such cases, though, our design staff will work with you to produce a finished product that you are pleased with.

How to Order Lapel Pin Badges


Ordering your own set of high-quality lapel pins starts with getting in touch with our staff. You can let our staff know about the aforementioned aspects, such as the design and purpose of your lapel pins, as well as your intended budget. After that, we’ll talk about how we might best realise this initiative.

Using the contact form below, you can contact us and let us know your first thoughts.


Agreeing on a design comes next. Working together, our designers are experts at starting from scratch to create your own custom lapel pin badges. The final design will impact timescales and cost.


Upon selecting the lapel pin badge design, our staff will be able to offer you a comprehensive quotation. Our quotations include the duration of the job, the required degree of detail, and the cost of the materials. The price is set, so you won’t be charged extra if a project takes longer than expected.

Should the cost ultimately exceed your planned budget, you may look into alternate materials that may lower the cost of your lapel pins. We want you to be totally happy with the finished product, therefore if you determine that materials like gold or sterling silver are beyond your budget, our design staff will collaborate with you to find appropriate substitutes.

How Long Will It Take?

Your lapel pin badges will normally take 2–5 weeks to be produced after the manufacturing process begins; the precise duration will depend on the intricacy of your design and the quantity of pins you want.

In order to ensure that you receive your purchase on schedule without sacrificing quality, our knowledgeable staff strikes a balance between speed and painstaking precision. Only the enthusiasm and knowledge of our staff, which come from the techniques Roman Tavast has established over the past 100 years, make this feasible.

We hope that by now you are eagerly anticipating the design and production of your corporate lapel pins, even if you have previously had concerns about ordering them.

You can see our work from the gallery here.

Why Choose Roman Tavast?

Not all lapel pin badge manufacturers can claim to have produced corporate jewellery for over a century. This bears witness to the timeless designs and outstanding quality that we take great pride in creating. We work hard to design the ideal corporate jewellery for every one of our clients, from commemorative medals and personalised cufflinks to lapel pins and enamel pin badges.

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