Design and Production of Lapel Pin Badges.

High-Quality Custom Lapel Pins

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If you are looking for lapel pins or pin badges that are for honorary purposes, then our high-quality lapel pins are just for you. So be it years of service pins, custom badges for the board or executives, lapel pin badges for excellence or honorary badges for voluntary work, we can help you. We use the highest quality jewellery enamel in the design together with precious metals, normally sterling silver or gold, to give the pins extra value.

Custom made lapel pin can be jewellery quality. No need to restrict yourself to logo pins. We can design the pin badges to tell the story of your organisation. Our design team can assist with the provision of solutions limited only by the imagination and technical restrictions.

design and production of lapel pins

Roman Tavast Ltd is a long established badge maker. We design and make thousands of bespoke lapel pins every year, be it finely polished gold and sterling silver pins for select company executives or a large number of promotional pins for a major event.

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How to order custom-made lapel pins?

The ordering of custom-made lapel pins usually starts from the desire to honour or thank your employees, business partners or clients. You may already have a design ready for your pin, or we can design one together with you. Whichever option you think is suitable, do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. 1
    How will your lapel pin be used?

    When contacting us, one of the first questions we ask is how and by whom your custom-made lapel pins will be used, as lapel pins and corporate jewellery can be used for very different purposes:

    • lower-cost promotional pins with a corporate logo for distribution at fairs;
    • lapel pins  worn by employees on their corporate clothing, more dignified than previous;
    • high-quality corporate lapel pins to reward or thank an employee for long-term service or on a special achievement. It is important that the recipient recognises that the gratitude and honour conveyed by the pin reflects their contribution to the company.

    All the above mentioned lapel pins are from different price categories which is why we need to know for which occasion and for whom the lapel pins will be designed.

  2. 2
    Set your budget

    The next step is determining your budget – it could be 1 or 30 Pounds per lapel pin, or even more. If you have decided on the price range, then we will know what to recommend to you.

    After the budget has been set, we will know whether to use the services of our good partner in China or expertly craft the lapel pins in our own workshop.

  3. 3
    Let’s design a lapel pin together

    If you already have a design for your lapel pin, our designers will consider it. Sometimes, it is not possible to realise a design due to technical peculiarities, and we may have to collaborate with you to amend the design. For example, you may have had a draft made by a graphic designer who may not be familiar with all the technicalities of metal work. Therefore, it may be impossible to realise a design that looks great on paper or on a computer screen.

    Your company may also have strict style rules set by a guidebook, which may result in giving up on the idea of ordering lapel pins. In most cases, however, minor stylistic changes are allowed and we can usually come to an agreement.

    Designing a lapel pin

    If you order the design from our company, our designers will be happy to be involved in the process from scratch. We promise that we will work on the design to meet all your needs so that you feel completely satisfied with the result. We do not charge you by the hour for the design process, instead, we will agree on a fixed price. The price can vary a lot, starting from simple, lower cost designs to designing a full high-quality corporate jewellery line.

    If you decide to order the design from us, we will use a part of your company’s logo or another significant element that is meaningful or unique to your company in order to design a classy and beautiful pin.

    Designing a lapel pin is a thorough, technical job. Sometimes, the client wishes to include small details, or a fine text or graphic element to embellish the pin. Bearing in mind all these technical details form a large part of designing lapel pins and corporate jewellery. Anything is possible on paper or on a computer screen, but it cannot always be transferred to metal.

  4. 4

    Once the design has been completed and we have agreed on the materials to be used, we can determine the time, effort and the materials required for the job, and we can send you the quote. If the price does not fit your budget, or, on the contrary, if you wish to use more exclusive materials, we can revise the quote to suit your needs. Or maybe you wish to change your exclusive order to a lower-cost one – whatever you desire, we are flexible.

  5. 5
    What about deadlines?

    After we have agreed on the design and the price, it generally takes 2 – 3 weeks to craft your lapel pins. In some cases, we might be able to produce a smaller batch in a shorter period of time (even less than a week), but this is an exception rather than a rule.

  6. 6
    Production of lapel pins

    Next, we will agree on a date when the lapel pins must be ready. In most cases, the ordering of lapel pins is connected to a special event, and so far, we have met all the deadlines and every pin order has been ready on time.

We are hoping that if you’ve had reservations about ordering custom-made lapel pins before, then by now you cannot wait for your corporate lapel pins to be designed and crafted.

You can see our work from the gallery here.

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