Value of corporate jewellery as business gifts

Corporate Jewellery - BroochWhen one thinks of exclusivity in gifts, the thought of jewellery instantly crosses the mind. There could be no better way to create an incentive, congratulate someone, or show someone how special their relationship with you is than to gift them a piece of jewellery. An exquisitely designed, high-quality lapel pin or cufflinks say much more about how you feel about someone than a branded pen.

Corporate jewellery is an emerging concept, where businesses are increasingly favouring buying business jewellery, including tie clips, cufflinks, lapel pins, brooches and bracelets with their company branding. Such bespoke corporate jewellery speaks volumes about the organization and its affinity for high quality. It also speaks volumes about how the organization treats its customers and its valued employees.

Corporate jewellery also makes for an excellent company tradition. When all employees are wearing similarly designed and customized cufflinks or brooches, with the company branding, it leaves a great impression. Service industries often turn to such jewellery – especially for the staff that handles customers directly. When staff members are wearing such non-logo bespoke jewellery, it is very difficult for clients to forget this sight.

Corporate Jewellery - Set of Tie Clip, Cufflinks and Bracelet

As a gift to clients too, corporate jewellery stands out completely. When you want to offer a great looking gift that not only makes the receiver happy but also makes them remember you for a long time to come, nothing beats beautifully designed corporate jewellery.

The value of corporate jewellery

Business gift giving is a tedious endeavour – especially considering the amount of thought that goes into selecting the right gift, and the money that goes into getting these gifts made and distributed. It is not always easy though, to estimate tangibly the value they bring to the table.

Corporate jewellery is not only valuable in terms of its cost but also in terms of the value it brings to your business. Since the entire premise of gift giving is based on the concept of strengthening relationships with employees and clients, there is no better or valuable corporate gift than bespoke corporate jewellery. You can easily impress valuable clients and strengthen your relationships with your employees with this one of a kind jewellery pieces.

Cufflinks, gold plated

Pair of bespoke cufflinks, for instance, is not only beautiful to look at but can instil great pride in the wearer as well. Whether the person who is receiving them as a gift is an employee or a client, exquisitely crafted jewellery is always greatly appreciated. Employees who have matching cufflinks, tie pins or brooches look more professional and take pride in their company’s fine culture.

Corporate Jewellery - Neck Pendant

Corporate jewellery can also be used as an incentive. Custom designed medals and lapel pins, which signify some extraordinary personal or professional achievement and increasingly finding their way into the corporate gift giving culture. Such specially designed jewellery is worth striving for and can be a great incentive for increasing morale and boosting productivity amongst valued employees. Corporate jewellery can also be given to both employees and valued customers to commemorate an important milestone in the history of the organization be it 100 years of successfully running the business, a landmark deal, or reaching a highly unachievable level of profit, are all reasons good enough to invest in bespoke corporate jewellery.

Quality corporate jewellery from Roman Tavast

Roman Tavast is a well-known name in the corporate gifting arena. With a tradition of creating fine, bespoke corporate jewellery, Roman Tavast has been creating beautiful cufflinks, tie pins and lapel pins for men and brooches and neck pieces for women. The masterful craftsmanship and the subtlety of the jewellery created by Roman Tavast makes these highly valuable and desirable. They not only add to the business value but go a long way in strengthening your corporate relationship with clients and employees. Your clients will remember you as one of the highest qualities and generous businesses they worked with and will be motivated to do more business with you, while your employees will remain motivated and will excel due to the highly valuable and desirable incentives instituted for them.

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