Why gift corporate jewellery?

Tie clip and a scarf pinLarge businesses that can afford to invest in giving small pieces of corporate jewellery as gifts are now turning to this method for providing motivation as well as generating leads. There are a number of reasons that custom made corporate jewellery should be preferred over other gifts.

  • Uniqueness and value – Think of the difference in the receipt of a standard pen engraved with the business logo compared to cufflinks or tie clips designed with the business logo or colours. Naturally, the latter will receive more appreciation, and the recipients will feel valued, eventually being more motivated to stay involved in the business activities.

  • Smart investment – Presenting corporate jewellery does not necessarily mean that you will have to reserve a large budget merely for this one promotional activity. These gifts are, in fact, smart investment. By finding the right provider, you may be able to get several items like cufflinks, tie pins, tie clips, neckpieces, brooches and lapel pins for good value, while still making sure that you benefit from custom designing.


  • Usable business-related gifts – Often, items that are given as corporate gifts have little to do with the business itself. Giving corporate jewellery is a great way to ensure that not only is the item of appreciable value, but it is almost something that can be used at work itself. They are also more usable than other corporate gifts that may only serve the purpose of decoration and therefore no use to attract people. Employees can, for example, wear tie pins and cufflinks at work, as their way of reciprocal appreciation of recognition. Needless to say, this creates a healthy work environment and can also motivate other employees to work harder to get the same appreciation from the management.
  • Creative customisationCorporate jewellery is a great way to present your business without actually adding the logo. Naturally, people might not appreciate a cufflinks design that has a company’s logo prominently displayed. However, if the company’s colours or a symbol is incorporated into the cufflinks creatively, the recipients will be a lot more likely to use the item frequently. In fact, adding colours or a specific pattern is a great way to make your pieces of corporate jewellery unique and attractive. Additionally, the task has now been made easier with the option of customised corporate jewellery; you can easily hire designers who will work solely for you and create modern designs for your company.

Tie clip

Things to consider when gifting corporate jewellery

  • Individualisation – Any gift can be made a lot more valuable by knowing who you are giving it to and keeping it specific according to their personality type, preferences and other traits. Gifting something that was made in bulk and will serve no apparent purpose for a specific recipient is neither likely to leave a great impression or be useful. Therefore, certain considerations must be made before gifting corporate jewellery to both clients and employees.
    • Firstly, gender needs to be taken into consideration. While male workers can be gifted tie clips and cufflinks, brooches and neckpieces can be great for female workers. These specific gifts can make an employee feel that thought was put into what to gift to them, which can greatly increase the appreciation and value they will feel.
    • Secondly, the family background can be taken into account. Knowing whether an employee is single or married can also have an impact on what you gift them. For example, while cufflinks can be great to gift to a single man, it can be a great idea to gift a set of cufflinks and a bracelet to someone who is married, so that it can be passed on as a gift to another person.

Set of Tie Clip, Cufflinks and Bracelet

  • Don’t go overboard – It is important to make people feel special, but it is also equally imperative to make sure that you do not give the impression that you are trying to buy people’s interest. Giving items that are way too expensive but serve little purpose may make people feel like the basic interest is the reciprocal investment that they might make. Therefore, make sure that your gifts give the impression that you care and express gratitude.
  • Stay occasion-specific – The ideal time to present these gifts is during occasions like Christmas and New Year. However, if you are presenting them at other occasions, make sure they are linked with something specific like a business upgrade, business anniversary, the launch of a new niche. Giving gifts at random may come off as a spontaneously planned marketing strategy, which does not do much for creating healthy business relationships. It can be great, however, to give gifts that are specific to stakeholders. For example, gifting something to an employee at the end of an important project can be an ideal token of appreciation.
  • Presentation – The best gifts are the ones that are presented in a heartfelt manner, and this is something that needs to be kept in consideration especially with valuable gifts like corporate jewellery. Pair it up with a small card with a message expressing your gratitude. If this is for an employee, it can be a nice idea to call them in and give it to them with a verbal message. On the other hand, for shareholders, mailing can be ideal since it can be a nice surprise and can also reduce the idea of any reciprocal obligation on the part of the recipient.
  • Budget – If carefully planned, a lot of corporate jewellery items can be obtained by a reasonable budget, while still taking care of individualisation. For this, it is essential to set levels. While you may be able to order a batch of medals for employees, you can get more expensive cufflinks or bracelets for those higher in the business hierarchy. Different gifts in different numbers can be made for different people while making sure that they are individualised and specific to the recipients.


Remember that the competition out there is harsh, and finding loyal customers as well as employees is something that requires genuine efforts. Therefore, showing people that you appreciate them and giving them tokens of this appreciation might just be what makes you stand out from your competitors. Gifting corporate jewellery to your stakeholders, therefore, can be a great way of expressing care and gratitude and can be what you need not only for more loyal employees and workers, but also for a healthier work environment and a steadily growing business.

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