Fashion in corporate gifts

For any business in the service industry, it is extremely important to stay at the top of not only your business partners’ but also your clients’ minds. With the corporate gift-giving tradition, this has now been made a lot easier. Giving promotional gifts to your business partners or clients is a great way to make them feel valued and to remind them of your services. Not only will they remember you, but they will also appreciate the fact that you do not simply want to make money out of them but took the time out to send them a gift.

With modern corporate gifts, however, it is not easy to decide what to choose. With clients and partners from several different backgrounds, it is almost impossible to pick out a standard type of gift that can be sent to everyone. If you are planning to send out corporate gifts, therefore, be prepared to choose from many categories for different clients, or perhaps even have custom-made gifts for some. Businesses usually reserve these for their executive clients; they can analyse their likes and needs and present them with something personalised that will let them know that they are cared for.

For most companies today, it is important to incorporate fashion in corporate gifts. This is primarily due to the fact that standard corporate gifts like office stationery have now become outdated and are not seen as tokens of appreciation but as merely a formality being fulfilled forcibly. Another type of corporate gift that does not conform to modern requirements any more includes medals or business plates. These are decorative items containing the logo of the business along with a generic message of gratitude. While these were previously appreciated, their value has now diminished in the light of more modern and need-centred corporate gifts. Fashion in corporate gifts, therefore, is the top priority for most, since it increases the chance of the gift not only being liked but also being useful for your clients.

When it comes to items related to fashion in corporate gifts, there are endless options from clothing to accessories. To figure out what will work best for you, however, you need to look at the recipients and separate them according to their needs. Following are just a few categories you might be able to sort your clients into.

  • The work-oriented businessman – If the person you are sending the gifts to is known to be a busy businessman, a great way to incorporate fashion in corporate gifts would be to send them items that they might not have the time to purchase otherwise, but will definitely use according to the nature of their routine. Great gift items for busy businessmen can include tie pins, cufflinks and lapel badges. You might even be able to pair these up with related items, for example, a luxury tie pin with a branded formal tie chosen with care.
  • The busy businesswoman – For female partners and clients, a great way to let them know you appreciate them and care about them is to present them with self-care items that they would love to use in the little free time that they get. For fashion in corporate gifts for busy businesswomen, think of convenient hair care, skin care and other beauty related products. A great way to make these likeable is to make sure that they can easily carry these around with them while they travel. If you want to go for something more expensive, of course, you can never go wrong with a piece of jewellery like a brooch, bracelet or pendant necklace.
  • The bold fashion admirer – Do you have some clients whom you would, without a doubt, categorize as bold when it comes to fashion? If yes, a great way to surprise them can be to present them with custom-made fashion items that do not look ordinary and have been specifically designed for them. For example, when getting cufflinks made, you could incorporate the colours of your business in them or design the logo into them, making them look bold and something only someone bold enough to make a statement would wear. For females, you could go for statement jewellery. While this is risky and will not work for everyone, clients who love such items will have a never-ending appreciation for you for knowing what they want.

Fail-Safe Fashion in Corporate Gifts

If you are unable to categorize the recipients or do not know them well enough, remember that there are several generic fashion items that you can rarely ever go wrong with. A great part is that these gifts can further be customized so as to make sure that they do not appear as standard generic gifts that are sent out to everyone.

  • Watches and wallets – Custom-made watches or high-finish wallets can make for great fashion in corporate gifts. If you are not sure if your clients will be fond of certain types of watches, simply pick out an item that is unisex and a colour that neutral. You can, then, have the watches engraved for your senior partners and special customers. You could also have them engraved with your business logo or a related sign. You can leave this to our designers and they will create customized designs for your company after having talked in detail about your needs.
  • Multi-purpose key chains – While these have been among the most traditional gifts, you can add these to a person’s fashion statement by making them sleek and attractive. A great thing about keychains is that you will be able to incorporate your logo into them without being worried about overdoing it.
  • Satchels – If you are dealing with casual clients and are working on a low budget, engraved satchels can be a good idea. Most people need to carry a bag to work and adding these into fashion in corporate gifts can be great! Gift them something that will not only add to their style statement but can also be high-finish and containing their initials in an obscure corner, making the gift personalised.

With fashion in corporate gifts, the key feature is to remember the traits of the recipient. Remember that a standard fashion item will not go for everyone, but when you do get such a gift right, it will go a long way to forming a mutually appreciative and productive relationship with your clients!

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