Everything You Need to Know About the Value of Corporate Jewellery in Business

The Value of Corporate Jewellery in Business

It isn’t uncommon for companies to offer promotional items like pens, tote bags and mugs as gifts. Such items are typically offered to prospective clients or business partners as a keepsake whilst doubling up as an effective marketing tool.

Pelltech Cufflinks and EarringHigh-quality sterling cufflinks and enamel lapel pins

For the past few decades, such items have been ubiquitous in the world of business, appearing everywhere from the desks of CEOs to trade shows and events. And yet, while they may have been an effective tool for increasing brand awareness in the past, it’s fair to say that cheap, generic promotional items like those have run their course. They simply don’t work the way they used to.

In today’s world of over-saturation and fierce competition, businesses need something to set them apart from others. They need something different. Something innovative.

At Roman Tavast, we work around the clock to manufacture bespoke corporate jewellery items that scream style and class. It’s our mission to provide that unique angle that your business needs.

But what exactly is corporate jewellery? What makes it so special? That’s what we’ll be covering in this article.

Gifts For High-Value Transactions

When employees and partners have spent many years in the service of a company, it’s customary to offer them gifts as a token of gratitude. Yet, time and time again, valued members of businesses find themselves disappointed to have spent countless hours working hard only to receive generic rewards like Amazon vouchers or cheap merchandise.

Such gifts, while well-meaning, are nothing short of thoughtless. They say nil about the individual employee, provide nothing of true value and aren’t exactly the best tool when it comes to promoting diligence, workplace pride and staff retention.

Moreover, finding the perfect gift for an individual isn’t easy, since shop-bought gifts are made to suit generic audiences rather than specific people. And that’s why bespoke corporate jewellery is a failsafe option. It tailors to the exact tastes and preferences of the recipient.

Corporate Jewellery as a Gift

Corporate jewellery can mean many things. Our bespoke cufflinks and tie clips, for instance, are designed and manufactured to suit your specific requirements. And, best of all, each piece is entirely unique since it could never be purchased from a run-of-the-mill high street retailer.

Amongst the most popular of our corporate jewellery items are cufflinks, brooches, lapel pins, necklaces and bracelets, all of which can be worn alongside workplace attire without detracting from that sought-after professional aesthetic that offices demand.

Moreover, jewellery pieces that adorn company logos instil a sense of pride within their wearer. Employees will feel accomplished and dignified in displaying a token of their hard work and commitment to their peers, giving others a milestone to work towards.

When manufacturing jewellery, we place great importance upon the design and aesthetic of each piece. With each item, we seek to achieve three primary goals:

  1. The piece must be linked to the company, either by using signature colours, the brand logo or other symbols that can be associated with the business as a whole.
  2. The presenter of the gift must feel both confident and comfortable in the knowledge that its recipient will appreciate both the value and effort that have gone into its creation.
  3. The recipient of the piece must be happy wearing the jewellery gifted to them.

It is for the reason in point number three that we often refrain from using full logos as part of our jewellery designs. As well as that, business partners are unlikely to wear cufflinks advertising the graphics of a company that isn’t their own.

Examples of Corporate Jewellery Without Logos

Of course, corporate jewellery doesn’t necessarily have to contain a brand’s artwork or logo. Subtle features like company colours or sigils can work just as well and provide the added benefit of being a little less flashy. Below are a few examples of some corporate jewellery items in which logos haven’t been used.

The first example (below) shows a set containing cufflinks, a tie clip and bracelet designed for ATA Gears, a company focused on manufacturing spiral bevel gears.

Corporate Jewellery - Set of Tie Clip, Cufflinks and Bracelet

On the cufflinks, the spiral gear symbol is visible but not overly so. It’s subtle but puts forth the company brand clearly. The exact company logo hasn’t been used in the design although the brand can still be clearly recognised by the colours and graphics used.

Only fragments of the spiral design can be seen through the enamel on the tie clip. Again, the exact logo hasn’t been used, but core elements of the brand have subtly implemented to connect the jewellery to the company.

In the next example (below), corporate jewellery was manufactured as part of a one-off occasion. Clothing company, Sangar, chose to commemorate their 50th anniversary by presenting their female staff members with corporate brooches. The S-shape represents the name of the company, with the embellishment of five precious stones signifying the 50 years the company has spent trading.

Corporate jewellery - Brooch

Designing Corporate Jewellery

If you’re interested in having corporate jewellery designed, you might be wondering what we require to make your ideas a reality. Usually, you’ll need to have answers to the following questions.

  1. What will the jewellery represent for the wearer?
  2. Will the recipient be men, women or a mixture of both?
  3. Will you require variations in design, such as different colours or designs for specific recipients?
  4. Aside from the company logo, are there any other graphics or colours that can be related to the brand?
  5. How large is the company?

Using this information, we’ll endeavour to send you samples of similar projects we’ve worked on and liaise with you to narrow down a unique design for your pieces. Jewellery Design by Roman TavastOnce our designers have finished their first draft, we’ll discuss it with you and use your feedback to create a final design that you’re completely happy with.

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