One of the most prestigious fields for us is the making of Orders and decorations.


Honours and decorations are the most important awards that nations and organisations can bestow, apart from carrying a deep meaning they require the highest possible craftsmanship and skills to produce. We always address your wishes with the utmost care and offer solutions that are truly unique and of the highest quality.

We are convinced that appreciating achievement and the recognition of the ones important to you is the key to success and growth, both for the state and other organizations. The means of honouring should be as distinguished as the person with whom you wish to express your gratitude.

Orders and Decorations

Design and Production of Orders and DecorationsOrders and Decorations Honouring Excellence with Precision and Elegance Roman Tavast Ltd., with its roots in creating honorary badges, orders, medals, and chains of office, has been a beacon of craftsmanship and distinction for over 100 years. Our heritage is steeped in a commitment to crafting symbols of distinction [...]
Orders and Decorations