How to Use Corporate Jewellery As A Motivational Tool

With competition becoming increasingly rife in the world of enterprise, creating and maintaining healthy relationships the stakeholders within a company has never been more essential.

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It’s so critical, in fact, that many large, successful companies can attribute their success to not only the features of the product and services they provide, but to the methods they undertake to ensure the satisfaction of their stakeholders.

One of these highly effective methods is the exchange of corporate gifts. While such gifts may be misconstrued as playing only a minor role in the maintenance of business relationships, the myriad benefits of this healthy gift-giving practice are really quite astounding as far.

Moreover, the exchange of customized corporate gifts is not limited to certain groups within a business. In fact, these presents can be both internal, where the recipients are the employees and partners of a business, and external, where the focal points are potential clients and existing customers.

While small businesses tend to focus on economical gifts to be received by potential customers, several large and successful businesses can successfully invest in value-added gifts for their long-term customers, so as to ensure further future loyalty.

All of this being said, there’s no denying that the act of gifting corporate jewellery is easy to get wrong. There’s a fine line between expressing care and coming across as self-promotional – a line which many businesses cross inadvertently.

That’s why in this article, we’ll be running through everything you need to know about corporate jewellery and how to utilise its power.

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What’s the Point in Giving Corporate Gifts?

Both internal and external corporate gifts can provide several benefits to a company – especially gifts like custom-made jewellery. Let’s run through some of these potential benefits in more detail.

Corporate Gifts Boost Company Morale

Internal gifts are highly likely to motivate your workers. When an employee is working hard for a business and is given a corporate gift for the extra sales they might have made, it serves as a strong token of appreciation.

Moreover, corporate gifts work to boost motivation, since employees know that the extra effort they’ve been putting into their job is not being ignored. The same goes for the shareholders of a business, for whom these tokens of gratitude signify that your business is grateful for the investments they make. This will encourage them to recognise the importance of the assets they provide, helping to strengthen corporate relationships and catalyse the success of a company.

Gifts Are a Cheaper Alternative to Advertising

Advertisements cost a lot. From a startup level right through to multinational corporations, there’s no escaping the fact that marketing isn’t cheap.

From making video advertisements and teasers to organize entire promotional events, there are massive amounts of money at stake. For those who are interested in lowering their costs, corporate gifts can be a great idea. Since these items contain the logo of the business, recipients will constantly be reminded of your brand when using them.

Additionally, employees of the business will have the opportunity to offer these gifts to their friends and family, expanding your reach and displaying your business to potential customers while minimizing costs.

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It is important to note that good quality products are not the only thing people want from a company. In fact, stakeholders will be more likely to stay loyal if they feel that they are cared for and valued. A great way to do this is to present them with gifts like corporate jewellery. When people know their loyalty to a business is being appreciated, they will be more likely to be associated with it.

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Why Corporate Jewellery is Better Than Bog-Standard Gifts

Many large businesses that can afford to invest in giving small pieces of jewellery as gifts are now turning to corporate jewellery. As discussed previously, custom-made jewellery serves the purpose of boosting workplace morale, retaining valued staff members and increasing brand awareness.

What’s the difference between corporate jewellery and other giftable items, though? Well, there are several key factors that make custom-made accessories an unbeatable choice when it comes to delivering value to customers and clients.

Uniqueness and Value

Think of the difference in the reception of a tacky and generic engraved pen compared with something like sleek, premium quality cufflinks, emblazoned with the distinctive colours of your cherished company.

Of course, the latter would receive more appreciation, and the recipients will feel valued, becoming more motivated to stay involved in the business activities.

Smart Investment

Custom-made jewellery is both a wise investment and one that doesn’t require the reservation of large budgets. With the right provider, you’ll be able to order several items such as cufflinks, tie pins and clips, saving on shipment costs and bagging you a wide range of customised products.

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Usable Business-Related Gifts

Often, items that are given as corporate gifts have little to do with the business itself. Giving jewellery is a great way to ensure that not only is the item high-value, but it’s something that can also be used at work itself.

Corporate jewellery serves the purpose of professional decoration. Employees can, for example, wear tie pins and cufflinks to work, demonstrating their pride, appreciation and passion for your company whilst remaining formal in their attire. Needless to say, this creates a healthy work environment and can also motivate other workers to work harder to get the same appreciation from the management.

Creative Customization

Corporate jewellery is a great way to incorporate design elements of your business without having to add full logos. People might not appreciate jewellery that’s been carelessly adorned with misplaced corporate logos.

However, if the company’s colours or symbols are incorporated into the jewellery creatively and stylistically, the recipients will be a lot more likely to use the item often. In fact, adding colours or a specific pattern is a subtle way to make your pieces of jewellery more unique and attractive.

Additionally, the task has now been made easier with the option of customized corporate jewellery; you can easily hire designers who will work solely for you and create modern designs for your company.

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Things to Consider When Gifting Corporate Jewellery

As discussed early in this article, whilst custom jewellery is an excellent choice when it comes to corporate gifts, it’s still easy to get wrong. Here are a few things to consider before placing an order:

Avoid Bulk Gifts

Unless you’re presenting something that will be useful to everyone in your company, avoid bulk gifts. For example, giving everyone the same brooch isn’t a great idea, since half of your employees may not even use it. It is important to show people that effort went into the gift selection – otherwise, the item might end up straight in the trash.


Any gift can be made a lot more valuable to an individual by knowing who you are and tailoring your choices to the things that make them unique, like their personality type, preferences and other traits. Gifting something that was made in bulk carries no sentimental value and isn’t likely to leave a lasting impression – nor to be useful.

Therefore, certain considerations must be made before gifting corporate jewellery to both clients and employees. For one, consider gender. While male workers can be gifted tie clips and cufflinks, brooches and neckpieces are, of course, better suited to female workers. These specific gifts can make an employee feel that thought was put into that gift, greatly increasing the appreciation and value they will feel.

Secondly, familial background can be taken into account. Knowing whether an employee is single or married, for instance, can have an impact on what you gift them. For example, while cufflinks can be great to gift to a single man, adding a bracelet to that gift for a man’s wife if he’s married can add an extra layer of thoughtfulness and sentiment, so that it can be passed on as a gift to another person.

Not only does this make your employee feel important, but it can also serve as a great marketing tool since it will go on to another person and expose them to the business.


Don’t Go Overboard

It is important to make people feel special, but it is also equally imperative that you don’t give out the impression that you are trying to buy people’s interests. Giving items that are way too expensive but serve little purpose may make people feel like your sole interest is the reciprocal investment that they might make.

Therefore, make sure that your gifts give out the impression that you care and are expressing gratitude, rather than trying to increase your sales.

Stay Occasion-Specific

The ideal time to present these gifts is during occasions like Christmas and New Year. However, if you are presenting them on other occasions, such as awards ceremonies, make sure they are linked with something specific like a business development, anniversary or the launch of a new product.

Giving gifts at random may come off as a spontaneously planned marketing strategy, which does not do much for creating healthy business relationships. It can be great, however, to give gifts that are specific to stakeholders. For example, gifting something to an employee at the end of an important project can signify your appreciation.


The best gifts are the ones that are presented in a heartfelt manner, and this is something that needs to be kept in consideration – especially with valuable gifts like jewellery. Pair it up with a small card and a message expressing your gratitude, for instance, and your gift will have a much stronger impact.

If this is for an employee, it might be a nice idea to call them in and give it to them with a verbal message. On the other hand, for shareholders overseas, mailing might be a better option – just be sure to present the package nicely and add a little extra though.


If carefully planned, a lot of jewellery items can be obtained with a small budget, even when taking extra measures of care like those listed above, but it’s essential that you set a maximum expenditure before placing orders.

While you may be able to order a batch of medals for employees, you can get more expensive cufflinks or bracelets for those higher in the business hierarchy. Different gifts in different numbers can be made for different people whilst still ensuring that they are individualized and specific to the recipients.

Gift-Giving Ethics

Remember that not all people can accept corporate gifts. Especially with business partners, it is important to keep both local and company laws in mind. Some companies and regions completely prohibit gift-giving, while others disallow certain types of personalized gifts.

Therefore, make sure that you do not cross the legal line unintentionally.

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Remember that the competition out there is harsh, and finding loyal customers as well as employees is something that requires genuine effort.

Showing people that you appreciate them by giving them tokens of your gratitude might just be what makes you stand out from your competitors. Gifting corporate jewellery to your stakeholders, therefore, can be a great way to express care and thanks, making it just the thing you need to retain loyal employees, workers and cultivating a happier, healthier work environment.

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