Using corporate jewellery as a motivational tool

bars42With the continually increasing competition rife in the business market, creating and maintaining healthy relationships with all the stakeholders in business has become essential. Many large and successful companies can rightly attribute their success to not only the features of the product and services they are providing but also to other methods that they undertake in ensuring the satisfaction of their stakeholders. One of these highly effective methods is the exchange of corporate jewellery. While the latter may be seen by many as a minor part of maintaining corporate relationships and earning short-term benefits, there are many out there surprised by the number of advantages this healthy gift-giving practice can bring to your business. From everyday merchandise to travel packages and from free samples to corporate jewellery, there is no limit to what you can go for. However, there is no denying that corporate gifting is a tricky process. The fine line between expressing care and reflecting obvious promotion is what most businesses miss.

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The exchange of customized corporate gifts is not limited to a certain group. In fact, these presents can be both internal, where the recipients are the employees and partners of a business, and external, such as the existing customers. While small businesses tend to focus on economical gifts to be received by potential customers, several large and successful businesses can successfully invest in value-added gifts for their long-term customers, so as to ensure further future loyalty.

Why give corporate gifts?

Both internal and external corporate gifts can provide several benefits to the company. Especially with gifts like custom-made corporate jewellery including bespoke cufflinks and tie clips or high-quality lapel pins, the business can enjoy several leads as well as other management benefits.

  • Boost morale – With internal gifts like years of service lapel pins, there is the reward of providing motivation to workers. When an employee is working hard for the business and is given a corporate gift for the extra sales they might have made or some other achievement, it is a great token of appreciation. Since the employee knows that the extra effort going into the work is not being ignored, they commit more to the job. The same goes for the shareholders of the business, who can be given these tokens to show that the business is grateful for the investments they make. Eventually, they will be more willing to invest in a business that recognizes the importance of the assets they provide rather than one that does not provide any benefits other than the obvious financial ones.

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  • Low-cost advertisement – Any large business would be aware of the immense costs that go into marketing. From making video advertisements and teasers to organize entire promotional events, there are massive amounts of money at stake. For those who are interested in lowering their costs, corporate gifts like promotional lapel pins can be a great idea. When these items contain the logo of the business, this means that the recipient will constantly be reminded of the brand when using them. Additionally, employees of the business may be able to forward these gifts to their friends and family, thus reaching out to several potential customers while minimizing the cost. This can also be achieved simply by attracting more people with the visual if the gift contains the logo of the business prominently.

Promotional Lapel Pins

  • Brand image – It is important to note that good quality products are not the only thing people want from a company. In fact, all stakeholders will be more likely to stay loyal if they feel that they are cared for and valued. A great way to do this is to present them with gifts like corporate jewellery. When people know that their loyalty to a business is being appreciated, they will be more likely to be associated with it. Research made by Promotional Products Association International shows that businesses that present their clients and workers with small complementary gifts tend to have a higher number of sales.

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