Why gift corporate jewellery?

Tie clip and a scarf pinLarge businesses that can afford to invest in giving small pieces of corporate jewellery as gifts are now turning to this method for providing motivation as well as generating leads. There are a number of reasons that custom made corporate jewellery should be preferred over other gifts.

  • Uniqueness and value – Think of the difference in the receipt of a standard pen engraved with the business logo compared to cufflinks or tie clips designed with the business logo or colors. Naturally, the latter will receive more appreciation, and the recipients will feel valued, eventually being more motivated to stay involved in the business activities.

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Using corporate jewellery as a motivational tool

bars42With the continually increasing competition rife in the business market, creating and maintaining healthy relationships with all the stakeholders in a business has become essential. Many large and successful companies can rightly attribute their success to not only the features of the product and services they are providing, but also to other methods that they undertake in ensuring the satisfaction of their stakeholders. One of these highly effective methods is the exchange of corporate jewellery. Continue reading

Lapel pins for expanding club membership

Lapel PinThere are many kinds of recreational clubs and student organizations active in a society to allow people to socialize, share their expertise and skills, have fun, volunteer for social work, and pursue educational activities in a controlled environment. Some common clubs operating in a society to bring people on a single platform include sports clubs, car clubs, movie and music clubs, book clubs, art clubs, and so on. Continue reading

Value of corporate jewellery as business gifts

BroochWhen one thinks of exclusivity in gifts, the thought of jewellery instantly crosses the mind. There could be no better way to create an incentive, congratulate someone, or show someone how special their relationship with you is, than to gift them a piece of jewellery. An exquisitely designed, high quality lapel pin or cufflinks say much more about how you feel about someone than a branded pen. Continue reading

How corporate gifts help you grow your business?

Panaviatic lapel pinIn today’s world, when corporate branding is an important benchmark of how an organization is performing, it is important to look at all the branding practices of your business and identify areas where you can have a little more innovation. For example in the area of corporate gift giving.

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How are lapel pins used to achieve desired results?

Enameled lapel pin

Lapel pins are small, simple yet eye-catching accessories designed to be worn on the lapel of a jacket. More often than not, these pins show an association with a special cause or belong to an organization with a logo or monogram on them. People often keep these lapel pins to remember an organization they once worked for. Some people are also fond of collecting lapel pins just because they are meaningful and symbolic. A few of these pins also represent some achievements and are therefore quite dear to the person who wears them. Continue reading

Women of the Year lapel pins

Women of the Year lapel pinsWe were over the moon to receive a call from the esteemed Women of the Year organisation. This organisation exists to highlight the many achievements of women throughout the world, across many different fields and from all sorts of backgrounds. Mary Krauss , administrator of the event, explained that she had a need for 500 bespoke lapel pins to be worn by all the attendees at the forthcoming Annual Women of the Year Lunch, the 60th year that this impressive event has taken place. They had made some investigations into the market and decided upon Roman Tavast as the preferred supplier for these particularly high quality lapel pins, she was after something a bit special for the occasion. Continue reading

Olympus Has Fallen sequel London Has Fallen

Lapel pins for a Hollywood movie “London Has Fallen” starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman

We, at Roman Tavast, received a phone call one Friday morning saying that some special lapel pins were urgently needed. Intrigued we asked to elobarate, and were told that the caller was a costume designer, Stephanie Collie from LHF Films Ltd. She is working on set for the film London Has Fallen, which will be released in October 2015. The filming is taking place at Pinewood Studios, home of some of Britain’s best movies, including the James Bond blockbusters. The lapel pins were desperately required for the actors playing the agents of the United States Secret Service, including for the leading role of Secret Service head Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler. The film is a sequel to previous movie called Olympus Has Fallen, released in 2013.Lapel Pin for London Has Fallen Movie Continue reading

How to create meaningful corporate jewellery?

Pelltech Cufflinks and EarringMany companies use promotional items for gifts to potential clients or business partners. It can be something really small and cheap, a logo pen for instance, or something more substantial such as a quality umbrella with a logo.

These gifts in essence are just basic marketing tools to enhance brand awareness.

If you get a nice umbrella as a thank you for purchasing something you will be more likely to use that business again. We can say that your customer satisfaction increases. However, if you are presented with a gift pen after you buy a new car then this might have quite an opposite effect on your satisfaction level. Continue reading