We design and manufacture high-quality traditional enamel lapel pins since 1923.


We design and manufacture high-quality custom made corporate jewellery with traditional glass enamel.

Every year we design and produce many thousands of lapel pins and top quality badges suitable for company executives through to promotional event giveaways.

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Unique corporate jewellery is often given as gifts of appreciation to employees or partners. Our non-logo corporate jewellery is exceptionally popular because it can be worn with pride on any occasion and at any event.

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We are extremely proud to be the supplier of many  Honorary Badges, Decorations, Medals and Orders, These are more than just a memento, they are a reward that will last a lifetime.

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What Do We Make?

It is human devotion that gives every piece of jewellery its true value. We take special care to incorporate traditional and time-proven methods into every step of the 21st-century production process. The superb quality of enamel and the layer-rich structure of badges show the commitment and time devoted to each piece of our work.

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    Lapel Pins and Badges

    Our custom-made enamel badges are of jewellery quality. There is no need to restrict yourself to logo badges either. We can design enamel pins for you to perfectly capture the essence of your organisation. Our design team will assist with the provision of eye-catching solutions limited only by the imagination and technical capabilities.

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    Tie Clips and Tie Pins

    Bespoke Tie Clips, tie bars or tie pins are a gift that reflects genuine sentiment and gratitude. A Bespoke Tie Clip can have your logo on it, or a unique symbol that tells a story about your company. Either way, what you will be giving is a unique gift, and that in itself is special.

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    Bespoke Cufflinks are a gift that you know will be well received. Our Bespoke Cufflinks can be designed exclusively for your organisation. While you can have your company logo on your Bespoke Cufflinks, this is optional. More recently many of our existing customers have turned to having a unique design created to celebrate a milestone or major achievement for which the cufflinks will serve as  a permanent reminder

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    Pendants, Bracelets and Brooches

    Exclusive corporation jewellery including bracelets, pendants and brooches are gifts that have a hidden meaning. They are far superior as presents as they do not have the look or feel of a standard and unimaginative corporate gift. They will be designed exclusively for your organisation, telling your story or underlining your values and corporate philosophy.

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    Medals and coins are perfect for a wide variety of occasions, including sporting events or an unexpected and clearly thoughtful token of gratitude and thanks.

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    Business gifts

    From CEOs to senior management, it has always been a struggle to find a suitable gift that conveys a personal message. Both the quality and individuality of all the items we produce ticks that box perfectly.

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    Orders and Decorations

    We are extremely proud to be the supplier of many Honorary Badges, Decorations, Medals and Orders. These are more than just a memento, they are a reward that will last a lifetime.

    Honours and Decorations are the most important awards that you can bestow on anyone, so you want any symbol given with the award to reflect this. Apart from having a profound meaning, any award should also demand the highest level of craftsmanship and skill to produce. As specialists in the field of creating prestigious awards, the design and quality will always be befitting of the occasion.



Lapel Badge Design and Production

Whether you order 10 or 10,000 products, each and every client is of equal importance to us and you will always be highly valued

We have almost 100 years of expertise and experience producing high-quality and memorable “corporate gifts with added meaning”

From even the most unusual or fanciful ideas, we will always create exactly what you want

We listen to what you want rather than tell you what you should have

We never take shortcuts or cut corners – quality is our watchword

We never miss a deadline